Conservatory Flooring – what to choose

When it comes to conservatory floor you want something that complements the character and feel of the extra space added on to your home. The many different options in style and material available on the market today make choosing the right one for you confusing and making a bad decision can prove a costly mistake both in time and finances. Whereas lino can appear the financially cheaper option it is less hardwareing, stain resistant and often imageslacks in style and doesn’t offer any thermal properties. Carpet on the other hand offers more thermal properties however lacks the durability in high traffic areas and is difficult to replace spoiled sections and therefore would end up being costly to replace should you need to as you would have to replace the whole carpet to maintain the look. Laminate floors work well in south facing conservatories as they don’t heat up or cool down too much however require a minimal level of wood working skills to install to ensure all the boards fit in to the space provided. Whilst stone floors can offer a very classy look they come with a price and can be damaged easily. Ceramic tiles again can get damaged easily and don’t offer any thermal properties making winter evenings rather uncomfortable but do give a modern Mediterranean look. At first glance a cork floor may appear to be the most obvious choice for a conservatory that is to be used as a children’s play room as it is low maintenance, hard wearing and springy which is ideal for those little knees however limitations in design mean there are few options to make the room your own. Softfloor on the other hand offers a durable hard – wearing, stylish, stain resistant, thermal, easy to install solution ideal for any conservatory. The interlocking mats made from high quality EVA foam and use closed cell technology meaning that they are easy to clean and non porous whilst maintaining a slip resistant surface. The variety of colours, styles and designs available mean the possibilities are endless in terms of interior design – tiles are available in multiple colours with a micro weave textured top as well as with a carpet top finish or wooden effect. The thermal properties of the mats mean that they remain warm to the touch in both winter and summer and the approximate 1m safe fall height means it offers a soft landing for those little people should you use the conservatory as a play room. For more information on the full range of soft floor available check out



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