Brimham rocks

Set not far from Harrogate is this magnificent collection of rock formations. This National Trust park is on the edge of moorland and has magnificent views over Nidderdale.

Getting there
The most obvious option would be to drive there. Only 11 miles from Harrogate the gorgeous rout allows you to take in beautiful views of farm land. If you go in spring time you are bound to catch a glimps of lambs with their mums or cows with their calfs which is always a win with my kids. 20160325_115034 (2)

Once you are there, there are 3 car parks which cost £5 for 4 hours, £7 for the day or free if you have National Trust membership. Please note though if the car parks are full they just send cars away towards Pateley Bridge, Harrogate or Ripon. Roadside parking not permitted.

You can also get there via bus from Harrogate train station which run between May and October.

Attractive for both adults and children this huge natural outdoor playground gives hours of fun climbing up the different weird and wonderful rock formations, squeezing through tight smartie tubes that go through the middle of the rocks or exploring the labyrinth of routes between the different roc20160325_134131 (2)ks.

I went here with my husband, 7 year old, 5 year old and 18 month old. I had my youngest son in a carrier on my back which I think is the best for younger members of your family as although there are main paths through the park up to the toilets and refreshment area, if your other children are scrambling over the rocks and you need to supervise them you would have to leave the pushchair to go to rocks..

There are plenty of rocks at varying difficulty to climb so there is something to suit different abilities. The problem would arise if you have a more adventurous child wanting to scale to the top of highest rocks whilst the youngsters want to scramble round the smaller rocks and you were on your own. We dealt with this as my husband went with my 7 year old up to the top whilst my 5 year old scrambled over smaller rocks. This would have still been possible had I had my youngest in a pushchair but it would have been harder and there would have been less choice.20160325_114636 (2)

Should you not want to climb it is still a unique and gorgeous place to visit, with stunning views over Nidderdale and with 37 bird boxes there’re plenty of birds to spot. There are also plenty of walks available over the moorland allowing you to take in the views and Yorkshire air

Approximately 550m from the top car park along a path is a toilet block with disabled toilet and baby change. There is also a kiosk selling picnic food, hot drinks and most importantly ice cream.

I am not sure how prices compare as when we were there the que was huge and even with the prospect of ice cream my kids were not willing to wait as they were too eager to go and do some more exploring.

20160325_125618 (2)Situated above the kiosk up some steps is a gift shop.

Push chair friendly
There is a made path from the car park up to the toilets and kiosk which meanders through some of the rock formations. If you are wanting to get close to the rocks the ground is either impossible to get trough with a pushchair as its too narrow or its moss covered moorland with lots of rabbit holes which makes it difficult to push a pushchair over.

If there is more than one of you with a child wanting to climb or scramble then a pushchair should be fine as one of you can stay with the active child and one of you with the child in the pushchair. If you are on your own I would defiantly recommend taking a carrier as it enables you to supervise a child scrambling or even walking between the rocks whilst looking after the smaller child in the carrier.

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