Easter – Egg Heads

Easter – egg candles

This is a fun activity more aimed at a key stage two child as it can be quite fiddly and uses hot wax

You will need

1. Egg

2. Candle wick – the metal based wicks are easier but other wick can be used

3. Candle wax

4. Peg

5. Googly eyes and things to decorate

6. Lump of play dough

7. Pyrex measuring jug

To start with you need an egg shell – crack the egg making sure you crack it close to the top and remove the egg yolk and white

Wash the inside of the remaining egg shell discard the small part and keep the larger part

Make a small ball of play dough and put the egg shell on it to keep it steady

Put the candle wick in to the egg shell and use the peg to hold the wick in place

Using the measuring jug – melt the wax in the microwave or as manufacturer recommends

Pour the melted wax in to the egg shells making sure the wick stay in the center of the candle and leave to set

Once set and cooled decorate to choice

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