Easter Garden

With Easter just around the corner why not get busy with your little ones making an Easter Garden.
To make our Easter garden we used
1. A small seed tray
2. Some compost
3. Some gravel
4. A plastic shot glass
5. Some glass pebbles
7. Two sticks
8. Garden twine
9. Rosemary or other herb trimmings
10. Some flower seeds

First we filled the seed tray half full with compost and sprinkled a few seeds over the compost and covered them.
Next we covered the compost with gravel and glass pebbles making it look nice and placed the shot glass in the corner on its side as the tomb
Then choose a larger pebble to cover the entrance to the tomb
Using the garden twine fix the two twigs together to make a cross and place it standing up in the garden
Plant your herb trimmings, water then place the garden in a sunny place and wait for your flowers to germinate to complete your beautiful Easter garden.

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