Review of the Tribord EasyBreath Full Face Snorkle

On our recent vacation to La Reunion in the Indian Ocean, we wanted to make the most of the amazing world on the ocean floor. We wanted to take the boys snorkeling.

We initially tried the traditional snorkel with a mask and mouth piece which I purchased a couple of months before our departure so the boys could practice using them in the bath. Unfortunately they were unable to get use to the mouth piece which was also making their jaw ache and they got frustrated with the face mask constantly getting fogged. As a result I went on the search for an alternative so they wouldn’t miss out.

What I came across was theTribord Easy Breath full face snorkel mask which came all in one piece covering your face from your forehead to your chin and didn’t have a mouth piece to negotiate. Ideal I thought! And I thought correctly my boys loved it.

There are two separate sections inside the mask. The top section allows you to see and the lower for breathing both held together by a silicone waterproof seal that runs all around the edge. They have wide elasticized straps to hold them in place that are easily adjustable, and comfortable. There is no mouthpiece but as the mask covers both your nose and your mouth it allows you to be able to breath more naturally. The snorkel is incorporated into the mask and the way that air is funneled internally through the snorkel and into the lower section of the mask it means that there is virtually no fogging.

The lens is made of a shatterproof polycarbonate and allows you to have an 180° field of vision which is a lot better than the traditional tunnel vision mask . They come in three different couloursturquoise, pink and blue and sizes from XS to XL meaning they were ideal for my boys to use.

My 6 year old got the turquoise XS mask which I was also able to use comfortably. My 8 year old got the size S which my husband was also able to use however these masks are not suitable if you have a beard as it stops the seal forming hence it would allow water in. The masks have a dry top snorkel system which means it has a ball which floats inside the snorkel funnel. When the snorkel is submerged the ball rises up blocking any water getting in which is great for diving down and picking up shells or looking closely at fish or coral.

Due to the dry top system you don’t need to blow water out of the snorkel when you come back up to the surface from diving you just breathe normally again once you’re floating back on the surface. This was perfect for the boys as they didn’t come back to the surface coughing and spluttering after getting a mouthful of salt water. It also gave them confidence to be more adventurous as they were able to look closely at the coral without the risk of them accidentally touching it from trying to put their feet down after inhaling salt water.

Sometimes though if you tip you head too far forward or the waves are a bit choppy there isn’t sufficient pressure to activate the dry top system and some water gets in to your mask. If water does enter the snorkel, however it can drain out through a valve located in the chin area, as soon as you raise this above water level meaning you are still able to continue breathing despite water having entered the mask.

One of the drawbacks to the Tribord as opposed to another brand however is that the snorkel doesn’t come with a ‘built in’ camera mount on the top of the head section of the mask. It is possible to purchase an additional accessory which slides over the snorkel section and hangs over the top section of the face mask. Unfortunately though this slightly blocks your view and can also cause small scratches on the face mask lens.

Overall I think that the Tribord Easy Breath is a must for adults and children alike for leisurely surface snorkeling. It opens up a whole new world under the sea without the frustration of your mask fogging up or inhaling salt water. My 6 year son gives it a whopping “10/10 because you can breath through mouth and your nose at the same time and you are able to see clearly all the fish under the water”

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